Erciyes El Örgü İplikleri


ERCIYES YARN; Since 1993, mainly in the textile sector we have been operating in yarn production. To follow all sorts of technological advances, we take customer satisfaction by investing in continuous goal to provide the highest level of quality. We continue our trusted and preferred structure to work in this direction.

Our Production:

Fancy yarns, hand knitting, knitting, knitting, circular knitting narrow fabrics, socks, booties, etc. In thick and thin fabric, home textiles, curtains, as well as in many areas of our standard products can be adapted to specific uses 200 denier starting from very thin and serve a wide range of very thick. Kirpi, Eyelash, crystal yarn, glitter yarn, silvery beard yarns, fringe, jumbo, short beard, soft beard, soft beard, laser, combed yarn, chain and fold yarns, butterfly, dimples, fulgamze, şıla to ... like crochet fantasy yarn is our main product.


We need every company engaged in fancy yarn ready textile production; We provide services to both study samples with open innovation.

Our Mission:

Our mission is always quality products with full confidence mainly by guaranteeing all the responsibilities incumbent upon us; trusted in the sector is to ensure the continuity of success as a company have a voice and demand.



ERCİYES logo and KİRPİ including patented with brand labels such as FANTEZİ, DAMLA, SAÇAK to work towards strengthening our position in the market continues.








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